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Welcome to Earth toes yoga

Do you wish to create the opportunity for your children to evoke peace, connection and positive wellbeing into their life?

Would you like to introduce yoga, relaxation at your school to help increase students focus, concentration and self-esteem?

Are your lives so busy and rushed it can make you feel stressed?

Well chances are your children will feel this too, but may not understand these feelings or how to deal with them.

Well then look no further! In Earth toes yoga Classes children can;

* Have fun
* Explore
* Learn to relax
* Love their bodies
* Increase confidence and self-esteem
* Improve focus and concentration
* Develop a healthy mind and body.

Earth toes yoga is a children's yoga class that uses a fun and inclusive approach, to help develop an awareness of the importance of a healthy body and mind connection. Classes are designed for little toes and big toes ages 3-12.

By combining traditional yoga exercise postures, breathing techniques, relaxation and visualisation. Along with imagination, interaction and storytelling, Earth toes yoga inspires children to nurture their own well-being. Beverley has taught classes in schools, festivals, abroad and local community events.

Beverley Ahuma-Hughes created Earth toes yoga through the combination of her love of working with children and passion for yoga. Beverley is a qualified children's yoga teacher, with full insurance and a CRB/DBS certificate and has been working with children and practising yoga for over 10 years. Most importantly, Beverley also has the role of mummy to 2 year old Selinam, who have yogi fun together daily!

If you would like to invite Earth toes yoga into your school/group and be one step closer to the positive benefits for children simply:

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